Cooperation with other projects


Project SOTERIA established cooperation with project PPDR-TC.
The PPDR-Transformation Center vision is to research and provide a harmonized frequency allocation in order to enhance cross-border coordination, increase potential for interoperability and international cooperation and improve spectrum management and planning. To achieve this the project is based on three main elements, namely:
- identification of current PPDR telecommunication systems status and requirements for future applications,
- data synthesis and scenarios development,
- technical, economical and political analysis of future PPDR telecommunication systems development.
The main outcome of the project is the roadmap of the migration of current PPDR telecommunication systems towards their full compliance with PPDR requirements.

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Project SOTERIA established cooperation with project FP7_EmerGent.
The overall objective of EmerGent, Emergency Management in Social Media Generation, is to understand the impact of social media in emergencies - both positive and negative - in order to enhance the safety and security of citizens. Wherever emergencies or crises occur, ad-hoc communities are built through existing social media channels. These communities are often not connected at all or perhaps are weakly connected to the emergency management services. Systematic research concerning the effective identification and integration of valuable and reliable information from social media into emergency management processes is needed. To achieve this, a strongly research-oriented methodology is created in EmerGent.

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Twitter: @FP7_Emergent