Video of SOTERIA Final Demonstration (Portugal)


SOTERIA Final Exercise and Workshop will take place on 23rd of February 2017 in Setubal region, 50 km from Lisbon, Portugal

The scenario of exercise will include an earthquake, which will result in several emergency situations, e.g.:
1) Partial destruction of a factory with workers inside (under debris)
2) Incident with hazard materials in the factory affecting workers
3) Road accident incident with a vehicle fallen into the river, causing the projection of victims to the river


SOTERIA newsletter #3
Read the SOTERIA newsletter #3: PDF file


SOTERIA Dublin CONOPS Workshop took place on 6 September 2016, at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland

Findings of SOTRIA Organisational Analysis as well as SOTERIA technologies including OZONO, Notico and Image Analysis have been presented and discussed. Participants attended from Irish end-user PSOs and the SOTERIA consortium.


Train crash simulated during experiment in Poland

Table top exercise presented benefits of the use of SOTERIA tools

Polish experimentation has been realized in two steps. First - table top exercise with participation of Public Safety Organizations representatives, and second - table top exercise with citizens.

The workshop was carried out on the basis of the hypothetical scenario of two trains crash and derail. It was a simulation experiment with so-called "operating skip", where following parts of the scenario and response actions were presented at particular moments. The accident involved passenger train and freight train, carrying ammonia. As a result of accident there was a high amount of injured (out of 350 passengers) and there was ammonia leakage. A nearby road was impassable. Accident has been visualized in the system currently used by Polish PSOs, with the highlights in which rescue actions and how SOTERIA solutions could be used.

Exercise with PSOs took place on May 17, 2016, at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, attended by five representatives of different public safety organizations, like fire brigade, army, crisis management structures and public security and safety sciences. Their experience in the field ranges from 6 to 30 years, both from operational personnel and management staff.

The second experimentation took place on May 23, 2016, at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, attended by 40 students, treaded as citizens.



Video of Izmir Soteria Experimentation


Turkish Campaigns of Experimentation took place on March 30/31- April 01 2016 in Izmir, Turkey

The purpose of the event was Pilot Testing of SOTERIA platform. Target audience included Emergency services, Media, Scientific Community and Governmental Decision-Makers. Overall, there were around 50 participants.


Severe storms, fires, highways cut by trees in Finland: Social media communication by SOTERIA appreciated.

The finish experimentations, one live and one simulated, provided a positive feedback on the use of SOTERIA tools.

Based on the discussions and feedback given the value of utilizing social media and mobile applications was in general appreciated. The experimentation also provided a "sneak peak" for participants on new technologies that can be of value when introducing new ways of bidirectional communication with PSOs and citizens. For SOTERIA project the experimentations offered valuable information, feedback and inputs for further developing the tools and recommendations produced in the project.

SOTERIA Campaigns of Experimentation (CoE) consists of four campaigns. Each campaign includes a number of experimentations conducted in partner countries participating in the CoE. Finnish experimentations took place at Emergency Services College in February 2016.

Finnish experimentation scenarios included a severe storm and related accidents: lighting caused fires, trees were fallen on highways causing accidents (including hazardous material accident), tourists group got lost in the woods. The first experimentation was a simulated one and the second was a live exercise, carried out in ESC's training ground.

During the experimentations feedback was gathered from Public safety organization (PSOs) representatives positioned on different organisational levels regarding the added value that the SOTERIA tools offer for emergency management. Citizen players participating the experimentations also tested and evaluated the use of social media and mobile applications during emergency situations. Aim of the experimentation was to involve end-users, citizens and PSOs, and extract their needs and expectations of the use of online and mobile communications in emergencies.



SOTERIA newsletter #2
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Video of Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise

Read more about this event in the information published by The Finnish Ministry of the Interior: here


Meeting with end-users - Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise
During Barents exercise, several meetings were held with end-users in order to understand how SOTERIA tools can address end-users needs, identifying the points where these tools could provide added value to the emergency management.

Read more about this event in the information published by The Finnish Ministry of the Interior: here


SOTERIA project participation in Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise at Kittila
SOTERIA project will participate to Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise at Kittila, Finland between 28/9/2015 and 01/10/2015. During the exercise SOTERIA tools are used by a group of end-users alongside the exercise, identifying the points where these tools could provide added value to the emergency management.

Read more about this event in the information published by The Finnish Ministry of the Interior: here


SOTERIA newsletter #1
Read the SOTERIA newsletter #1: PDF file


SOTERIA Workshop, Lisbon (Portugal)
The SOTERIA workshop took place at the facilities of PSP (Portuguese Police), SOTERIA end-user, more precisely in the Comando Metropolitano de Moscavide. Partners and end-users had the opportunity to get an updated presentation of the results of the first phase of the project.

SOTERIA Workshop Agenda:

  • Session 1 - Welcome and general introductions - Mr. Joao Belfo, from TEKEVER, welcomed all partners, presented the meeting objectives and moderated the round-the-table introductions.
  • Session 2 - General Requirements - Mr. Tom Stirling, from PCCNY, presented requirements derived from DoW and Case Studies analysis.
  • Session 3 - Key Performance Indicators - Mr. Michael Cooke, from TCD, presented the project's concept, work breakdown structure and schedule to all partners.
  • Session 4 - Technological Capabilities - Mr. Pedro Antonio, from TEKEVER, presented state-off-the-art technologies available for SOTERIA and mockups.
  • Session 5 - Discussion with end-users
  • Session 6 - Next steps - Mr. Joao Belfo, from TEKEVER, closed the workshop and presented next steps.
  • 2015-01-29